2012 in review

So let’s start on a positive note; another year has passed, 2012 is done and we are still alive! The planet hasn’t been consumed in some disastrous fireball or meteor storm (what do the Mayans know eh).

With that said it’s not been the best of years in general, the UK economy remains somewhere near the bottom of the toilet, doing just enough to not head completely into the drain. Unfortunately Greece and Spain managed to meet that drain and with unemployment rates hitting 25% caused some pretty sizeable amounts of violence and riots in both countries.

A number of famous people have died this year too, Witney Houston, Davy Jones, Robin Gibb and Andy Williams all from the world of music. Bob Holness, Neil Armstrong, Eric Sykes, Tony Scott and Terry Nutkins all also passed this year as well as Patrick Moore, Gerry Anderson and Clive Dunn amongst others. I would like to put in a special mention for Sarah Burke a female freestyle skier and pioneer of the superpipe who passed on the 19th of January, she was a real inspiration to many, rest in peace Sarah.

The year also saw more than it’s fair share of military action around the world. From the violence in Syria to the fighting in the Gaza Strip and the continued operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. I whole heartedly say I hope we see a lot less violence this year.

The BBC didn’t have the best of years either!

Of course one of the biggest stories of 2012 was the devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy on the east cost of America. While the damage and loss of life was truly awful, it was a lot better than it could have been. Lessons were learned from Katrina in 2005 and the right preparations were taken.

2012 wasn’t all doom and gloom though, there were some pretty amazing points to the year too!

A crazy Austrian man jumped from a balloon 24 miles above the earth and ended up falling at 833.9mph to be the first human to break the sound barrier unaided!

The Olympic games happened, hosted in London and to a lot of people’s surprise (mine included) was a wonderful success! Team GB and ParalympicsGB both had amazing success at the games.

Bradley Wiggins did something no other Briton has ever done and won the Tour de France completing the 2172 mile race in 87 hours 34 minutes and 42 seconds and if that wasn’t enough he only went and won a gold medal at the Olympics too!

The Queen celebrated 60 years on the throne which gave us a nice excuse for an extra day off and chance to hold a few parties around the country. Plus she jumped out of a helicopter too!

Additionally Barack Obama was re-elected for another term in the oval office. Some may feel this should be in the doom and gloom section but this is my review of the year and I think it’s a damn good job!

Personally, this holiday period has given me a chance to reflect on a year that has seemed to whizz past “quicker than a fart on an oil slick” (10 points for the person that can name the game that quote is from). I made a few “resolutions” last year and as with most people¬†they didn’t last. I did manage to do a few things I wanted to this year, I lost some weight (1.6 stone) and generally got a bit healthier. I climbed Snowdon (something I have wanted to do for years) and I gained my first aid certification again (did it many years ago).

So all in all this years had the good, the bad and the down right excellent going on. I’ve seen friends go through the bad and the good, I’ve re-established some long-lost friendships and made some new friends along the way.

I’m not going to make any resolutions this year, however I am going to set some goals (yes there is a difference (to me anyway)) I would like to accomplish. Firstly I would like to lose another 1.4 stone (3’s a rather nice round number). I’d like to extend my first aid training further (working on that one at the moment more to be revealed at some point soon). I would like to climb Snowdon again and knock some time off my last climb. I’d also like to be come quite a bit more organised and proactive.

I will end here as I’ve rambled on enough, if you have read this far well done, give yourself a pat on the back!

To all my friends, family and anyone who reads this I wish you all the best and a happy and prosperous new year!


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