Wagamama – Sheffield

Yesterday was pay-day and that meant it was time to spend the money before it all disappears. So I paid some bills and booked a few train tickets. Then I went out to lunch with my house mate Steve. We went to Wagamama’s in Leopold Square, Sheffield as neither myself or Steve had been there (or any of the Wagamama restaurants for that matter). I am glad we did however as the food was excellent.

It wasn’t overly busy when we went (we had been told to go after 2 as lunch times got very busy) and we were seated straight away. I had a coke and Steve had some weird elderflower drink (he’s a funny chap ;-P ) and then we ordered. The staff were very attentive but not overly so and very pleasant as well, when it came to ordering Steve, typically, picked something that turned out to be the hottest dish they do which the waitress advised us of and he promptly changed is order to something else. I ordered the “Ebi Raisukaree” which is “prawns stir-fried in a coconut and lime curry sauce with mangetout, peppers, red and spring onions. served on sticky white rice and garnished with red chillies, coriander and lime”. We also ordered a dish of “Tori Kara Age” which is “deep-fried chicken pieces. served with a chilli, garlic, sesame and soy sauce” as a side dish.

The food arrived very promptly, mine first (we were advised that the dishes would come separately as everything is cooked fresh so things may take longer to prepare than others) and Steve’s only a few minutes later. It was exceptional food to say the least, it had a decent kick to it but was not so overpowering that the subtle flavours of the prawns or the vegetables were lost. Presentation wise it could not be much better, I have attached a photo below of my meal so you can see for yourself, the portion size as well was just right, not so huge you felt stuffed at the end, but not so small it left you wanting more.

We didn’t have any deserts as we were full up so we just paid up, the whole lot came to ~£30 including tip (£3.50) which I felt was very good value for money for what we got! I wholly recommend anyone in Sheffield that likes oriental food to take the time to go to Wagamama’s, it’s well worth it.