Stop screwing up our planet….

Before you stop reading this, I am not about to go on about pollution from cars, or energy plants or even in the wake of the disaster in Japan nuclear energy. What I am going to talk about is the small things people do.

I am currently lucky enough to be spending a 2 week skiing break in the French Alps. As I was out on the slopes today I stopped to admire what is a stunning view of the mountain range and I looked down to see an empty beer can lying in the snow that some moronic person had just discarded without any iota of thought for the environment. I go skiing most years and I see this far too regularly. Each and every time it sends me into a flat out rage. I and many other people are in this idyllic location enjoying the scenes and the snow and the fact that someone can’t be bothered to clear up after themselves is obscene.

It takes somewhere between 80-200 years* for a beer can to decompose, whoever disposed of that can on the side of the mountain purely because they were too lazy, stupid or “important” to take his/her trash to the bottom of a lift and put it in a bin didn’t even contemplate that fact.

That can would have sat there for years to come and could have hurt or even killed wildlife in the area as well as polluting the ground it lay upon as it slowly decomposed. What’s even more appalling is the fact that this spot was less than 200 metres from a lift and a bin….. If each of us were as callous about the environment as the person who left that can then beauty spots such as the Alps or the Rockies would soon deteriorate into horrible garbage filled messes. We’re already screwing up the planet with cars and other forms of pollution surely we can all have the common sense to take our rubbish with us an dispose of it properly.


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