Seeds In Giving Pledge

In signing my name onto the Seeds In Giving Pledge, I’m promising to set aside 1$ a day (or an amount relative to my income) for the purpose of charity or assisting a situation/person in need. At the end of each month, I will donate this money to the charity/organization/person of my choosing.

We ask that you share this pledge with at least one other person. Your commitment honors the charity work of Harry O. Wilson (1934-2023) and Joyce Wilson (1934 – 2009). Your name and email will not be sold to a third party and you’ll only receive an update from us approximately
once a month. Both sons and the grandchildren of Harry & Joyce Wilson thank you for your participation.

If you need help locating a charity, here are six we suggest:

  • Global Provision* (Charity work in Haiti and Florida)
  • Mission Flexible (Helping combat vets overcome trauma/mental wellness issues)
  • Middle East Children’s Alliance (Focused on children in need)
  • The Malki Foundation (Non-partisan/non-sectarian group focused on children)
  • One Spirit (Providing provisions to Native Americans)
  • Yellowstone Forever (Official partner of Yellowstone N.P.)

For further information visit * or CONTACT US
*Affiliated with a family member

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