I’m Andrew –

Project / Programme Manager| Wannabe Pilot| Mobile Phone Obsessive| Space Nerd| F1 Mercedes Fan| Sheffield Steelers Fan| Toronto Maple Leafs Fan | Awful Guitarist

I am a keen photographer and have been pursuing my hobby for a number of years. I don’t get as much time anymore to do it but do like to pick up the camera now and again.

I have a huge passion for skiing and have been most years for the past 16 until 2020 (thanks Corona Virus!)

I also like reading books (mainly crime novels but I’ll read anything really) and I am attempting to write a book at the moment. Like a large proportion of attempted books, however, I doubt (if I ever get it finished) any publishers will accept it… you never know though!

I’m very much into ice hockey also and I am a supporter of the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Sheffield Steelers.

I also have done flying in the past and now do a lot of flight simulation.